Case Studies:  Why use Marcie and Rob Reichstein, Realtors



Case Study 1

Issue: Home Inspector finds roof not built to code. Buyer demands new roof.

Representing the sellers of a home we received an inspection report submitted by the buyer that cited the roof was not built to code and requested a new roof in order to proceed with their purchase.

Resolution:  Rob contacted the builder with the complaint.  The builder presented the plans, approvals, and city occupancy permits. In doing so the builder determined the inspector had the wrong set of codes.

Outcome:  Sale went through without a new roof.


Case Study 2

Issue:   Appraisal does not support the sale price:  We represented the buyers. Before the offer went in we checked comps to determine validity of the price. There was also over $90,000 in upgrades to the property, which our clients literally fell in love with.  Our clients had sold their out of state home and had their moving truck loaded and their 3 daughters under the age of 4 ready to relocate to Arizona.

Resolution:  We first challenged the appraisal and hired a second appraiser to review the appraisal.  The second appraiser cited multiple significant errors in the first appraisal.  We submitted the challenge with documentation to the lender to review with the appraiser.   The appraisal company refused to review the appraisal.

For cause, the lender wished to remain neutral.   We renegotiated terms of the deal with the listing agent and got it done. 

Outcome: The thought of clients driving cross country with 3 young daughters and the prospect of living in a hotel until they found another home was not a option for us. Making the deal to get them into the home of their dreams was.


Case Study 3

Issue:   Second home in need of repairs to sell. We represented clients who owned a second home here in Phoenix.  We secured an offer on their second home but inspection revealed the home needed a few miscellaneous repairs. 

Resolution: We secured bids on the repairs and represented the homeowner in having the repairs made.

Outcome: Homeowners came in to pack their personal items and the home closed on time.


Case Study 4

Issue: Homeowner listed their home for sale with a different realtor.  The Realtor secured two different offers and both fell through in the inspection period of the home.  The Homeowner terminated their listing agreement with their Realtor and hired Marcie and Rob.

Resolution:  We reviewed the previous inspection reports. In both there was a large armoire that both buyers wanted removed.  We had that removed immediately.  We had our handyman make the repairs.

Outcome:  The home sold at a higher price than the previous offers.


Case Study 5

Issue: Internet provider wanted to charge our client for a modem. There was no modem visible.

Resolution:   After the close of escrow, we contacted the buyer’s agent. Told them of the issue.  The buyer allowed us in the home to check for the modem - was not present. Weeks later when the new owner installed their cable service, the technician found the previous modem in the crawl space and contacted us. We retrieved the modem

Outcome: Client avoided paying the service provider for the modem