Many of the homes in the valley are in HOA run communities.

If you are not currently living in Arizona, HOA's are responsible for enforcing the rules (CC&R's)

as were set forth by the community developer.  The basic premise for an HOA is to maintain standards

and therefore property values.  Some people do not like the idea of living with rules, others see it

as a benefit.  It all comes down to what you are looking for in a community.  Then determining whether that community is ideal for your needs.


Rob is a board member of several HOA's.  He also works closely with several of the largest community management companies in the country.

You can rely on Rob to provide you the information you need prior to making an offer on a property, rather than making your purchase only to find

out the community is too restrictive for your needs.  Making an informed purchase decision will save you many a sleepless nights and a lot of



If you have any questions about HOA managed communities, Rob is your guy.  Call or text him, he loves to help.  602-551-6314